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Sorry, Chibi. Sé que dijiste Mime pero ya sabes que el cerebro es terco y hace al GW que le ronca, no el que se quiere >_>Uu
Y No, creo que nunca he dibujado a Mime XP

Drawing suggestiona, please?

Cant promise anything good but i like to chew on possibilities XP


From Verillas

Is it now? Hahaha



"Odin will ride at their head, wearing a golden helmet and a shining corslet, brandishing Gungnir. Odin will make straight for the wolf Fenrir….Odin and Fenrir are the first to engage and their fight will be fearsome. In the end, though, the wolf will seize Allfather between his jaws and swallow him. That will be the death of Odin."

Odin and Fenrir by James Kei

Don’t try to cross the whole Reach on your own. See you don’t forget, or my ghost will come and clout you in the ear.--Ser Duncan the Tall. The Sworn Sword. Page 73.

[travelling by boat intensifies]


chik chik chika

those no-fraternization rules in the military are brutal

I’m so sorry I just love the idea of everyone in the Survey Corps being sexually frustrated as fuck and resorting to spying on horny townsfolk

based on this

There’s high probability of thunderstorm today D: